The Little Boys

This post is dedicated to the boys. 

  This is the famous copy of Calvin and Hobbs that one of the girls gifted to Brad when he was in second grade at Christmas time. I don’t actually recommend this as a way to get your struggling second grader to read better. But I’ll confess it worked for Brad. He came back to school after Christmas vacation reading at least a fourth grade level. Not intentional but a successful nonetheless.

 We watched these two race and play and fight. I loved it. The moms and dads of them did a great job of refereeing.

We all pray often for this young man these days. I wonder sometimes what God is doing when He puts one of our children in a place of scrutiny and care like this. It’s not just about what is happening now and how we are responding to the need; there is more to the story, I believe.

Matthias is enthused about running trains. And about life. This is great!

Somebody follow you,
Watching the things you do.
Walk in the light,
And be pure in His sight.
Somebody follows you.

1 thought on “The Little Boys”

  1. Mathias. Not Matthias. But it's okay this time. We do have some pretty nice boys don't we? The one where Mathias was clasping his hands and looking like he's saying yes?…..he was actually putting his hands together to make a pistol and was shooting something…… 🙂
    Keagan has been doing better.. We should know by the end of the week what all the test results are. Thanks for praying.


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