It Is Not About You

We had a visiting minister this past weekend who hit the nail on the head for us in a timely manner. In a text to Elv last week I suggested  that perhaps God has something in store for us this the weekend. Did He ever! 

We learned out of Ephesians 3 the good news that it is not your party. Questions of belonging, self worth, and competence should be answered by being filled with Christ. Those words, “exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think” are a life line that totally obliterates the insatiable needs of me-ism.  Just the news I was looking for. It’s all about Jesus. 

And we don’t live the Christian life because of the benefits we receive from it but because He is worthy! Now that is worth while thinking. Besides being freed of performance based loving and living, we are granted grace to live in victory over self. It makes church politics and social tug o wars look just as pathetic as they are. I know my attention got whipped back into the proper position again to looking at Jesus to help me to overcome my own silly ambitions of finding fulfillment. 

2 thoughts on “It Is Not About You”

  1. I've been hearing/reading this theme repeatedly in the past few weeks. (I think the message is getting through.) Thanks for sharing!


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