Winter Roses In Wisconsin

Last weeks roses are dried, but giving us just as much home beauty as ever. I just remembered that they ought to be sprayed to last.  If I preserve them by applying a protective spray I can display them most anywhere. I am thinking about laying them among the old books on the hearth above the stove. There they will collect a lot of wood stove dust and dirt. This seems like a poor way to use up perfectly lovely roses, but the truth is that I will shower them with plain warm water at the kitchen sink with the spray nozzle and lo, we will have perfectly lovely flowers again. 

Have a lovely winter day.

4 thoughts on “Winter Roses In Wisconsin”

  1. Use Acrylic spray for protecting a dried water painting, or a craft. I used five coats of it on the coasters I made at Christmas time. It makes for a water proof product. When Jenny dried her flowers she sprayed them for longer lasting beauty.


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