Another Happy List

    ~ Chorus. We are almost ready to give programs. It has been soul lifting and life enriching to be able to sing again with a choral group. I could go on about this, explaining how much I have enjoyed this. Words fail. Elv says he trusts that when he gets to heaven and there is all that singing, as they say, God will certainly give him a voice and the enjoyment for it. In other words, he believes me for my sake that I enjoy singing, but something is going to have to change for him, by heaven time.
    ~ We are good, as well.  Programs will be given on the 3rd and 5th of May. If you are interested and want to hear us, let me know. Like you could comment here.
    ~ Spring came, suddenly.
    ~ Yard cleanup.
    ~ Sunday evening cookouts with church friends. Got rained out.
    ~ Yes, we had rain.
    ~ All those tulips we planted last fall are coming up, beautifully.  I had to show the little neighbor boys who come and go here just what a tulip is and ask them to please not step on them. Since, I have been working on myself to believe and live like I know that little boys are much more important than pretty tulips. But it’s hard, you know? Especially, when they could just as well play in the park across the street as to be using our old stone house for “T” (base) in their tag games.

5 thoughts on “Another Happy List”

  1. Jube and I had a conversation about tulips awhile back. I explained to Jube that they come up in America, just as the snow is leaving. And I told him that Marmee would post pictures when hers come up–just so you know we're expecting them.


  2. We got that sweet little dog that made sure he carried out his business on my newly planted tulips. How do you tell a dog that the ditch across the road would be a better base for his games? At least little neighbor boys can be told to stay off! Needless to say my tulips aren't as pretty as one would hope.


  3. Hi VaLita, We are singing at Living Word in Sparta on the 3rd of May, this Friday evening, at 7:30. And then on Sunday evening the 5th at Northwoods Mennonite. I am not sure of the time for that program.


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