For Jube

Jube, you wanted to see tulips.  They do not have flowers, yet.  This is just to show you that they are truly growing and when there are flowers; I will post pictures of them.

These are planted right in front of the boys cabin where you lived when you were here last year. The neighbor boys like to play at our house and sometimes I have to remind them NOT to step on the flowers. They listen pretty well to me. I am glad, aren’t you? 
Next are a bunch of pictures from last Sunday when LaMars were here for a picnic.  You will see Abram and Abbey pictures too. Look closely, you might even see Grandpa, Marmee, Aunty Frank, Benny and other people you know. 

                                Benny has his mouth full of yummy S’mores.

Jube, these next couple of pictures are just for fun.  Abram climbed up the side of the house using the rocks for the ladder and put the chimney cap on for Grandpa. I don’t know why it was off. 
Uncle Lance took the fire truck to Northwoods school to show and tell the children all about fire safety. He really enjoys being a fireman.

I think this picture is blurry! Sorry. 
Ok, one more big picture full of pictures.  You will find lots of people you know. We had a nice picnic. Grandpa did the roasting and we all did the eating and visiting.
Have a good day, Jube. We miss you. Be good.
                                                                          Love you, Marmee

5 thoughts on “For Jube”

  1. Kaitlyn couldn't stop talking about all the things that we are supposed to do once she got home from school. 🙂 From her perspective they did a great job! They must have talked simple enough for a 1st Grader to understand them.


  2. “Thankyou for “telling” me the pictures.” –Jube He says his favourite one is of Brad making something with his knife.


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