While my computer was down for cleaning and repairs, the flowers bloomed. It is my belief that flowers prove that God cares/values beauty in the little details as much as the useful, “important”things of life. I was chopping frozen cranberries the other day and discovered four perfect pockets inside of the berry.  It is quite safe to assume that each of those millions of cranberries has four seed pockets. The God who made such detail for berries will certainly be able to handle the things that cause my silly fretting. 

 Apple blossoms.  By morning the petals were dropping to decorate the table.

Jacob’s ladder is glorious right now. Susan warned me that they would take over the flowerbed. That’s a laugh. I’m just grateful for this one little bush that gives us lovely flowers each year.

What to do about not having lilac bushes of one’s own.  The old homestead where Lewi and Marlene used to live is exactly it. Elv was horrified, but no one else seemed to mind.

More trees came down in the latest wind up at the cabin. So, now there is firewood, too. A squirrel’s nest? Condo is more like it.

Marsh Marigolds

                           Frank’s friend, Hannah was here last week to visit.

 Wood Violet covers/takes over the flowerbeds around here. Everyone is impressed but me.  It IS pretty though.

Pallet furniture by Brad and Amy.  This piece took them one afternoon. It looks pretty, useful and and rustic in real life.

I am learning about trust again. Delvin called me a control freak, yesterday, at the dinner table. I had asked Elv to please pick up my water cup this way, which is the part Delvin heard, as opposed to hooking his finger over the rim to help himself to my drink.  We got a good laugh out of this, mostly because of all my faults, being a controlling person isn’t one of them. Nevertheless, I still have to bring questions and worries to a halt, handing them over to our Father Who knows all and controls all, anyway.

To trust that only good will come of questions discussed among our church men from time to time, requires prayer and purposeful resting on my part. I KNOW these guys are good, godly men…I just worry that they will be so distracted that they won’t pray and trust enough, themselves, in the God Who is over them. I know this is silly of me. Thank God. We are blessed. And I can pray.

To trust that our children, who are obviously doing exactly what God had in mind for them, will enjoy spending their entire summer in Nebraska away from home.  They will be busy participating in the goings-on with the Burkey family: house finishing, baking, moving, working, and playing, too. How will I best pray for them? I learned this several years ago when our older children were going out on their first adventures, but here it is again. I must trust enough to release them to even make a few mistakes, because they will. And God will keep them in His care better than I ever can anyway.

To trust God in giving me a whole summer to study, read, and write a story. How to make the most of this opportunity is another one of my concerns. More trust.

1 thought on “Trust”

  1. Lots of beautiful pictures, Mom. I keep looking at them over and over. Wouldn't it be neat if we were home for this part of next year?


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