Blogger Blues

After blogging for four years; it is time for something new and different and more “me” to do with this blogspot. Since I am illiterate about messing with HTML and all such mysterious machinery of web site building, I am confined to only what I can muster out of the few trite and/or wacky templates offered by Blogspot.  Help!

In fact, learning and experimenting to fix this problem is on my To-Do list for the summer. I would love to hear from you. Suggestions, instructions, criticisms, and encouragements would be most welcome.

In the meantime, please bear with the messy, under construction conditions you will find here. Go ahead, take a detour if you like. :Please, do comment before leaving any of your ideas that might help. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Blogger Blues”

  1. Don't stop your wise words, though, while you're figuring it out. I like them! They encourage me.


  2. . . . and I was always admiring everything about your blog and thinking how this reminds me of you. I love the pictures and find myself looking at the great big beautiful world differently (as in “This would be a neat picture for my blog!”)
    I know how hard it is to corral a teen ager or young adult and get them to show you how . . . yes, Dea and I have had a few go-arounds in that area where one or the other or both of us are in tears before it is over. I do send you sympathy and prayers from my corner. Dawn


  3. You might be able to create the page layout you want in your word processor and then paste it into the blog. Depending on which word processing program you use, it might even let you do some simple what-you-see-is-what-you-get web page creation. In that case, you'd be doing the graphics you wanted and the computer would be automatically generating the html. I use a fairly expensive web authoring program (which I got cheap) for my website, but I see Microsoft plans to discontinue it in favor of a cloud based system in the next couple years. I'm not sure what I'll do then. In the meantime, try playing around creating the look you want in your word processing program and pasting it into the blog software. And by all means, keep writing.


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