Summer Begins

This rainy Sunday afternoon is perfect for blogging a picture post.  We took the three children down to Nebraska this week and left them there for a few weeks (for the summer, really) to help Gabe and Jenny, also Matts, with their busy times these days.  
Jenny has beautiful flowers all along the front of their dear old house that is soon to be razed.  No doubt she will transplant all of these to the front of her new house when it is time. 

Whereas chipped and peeling paint behind flowers is all the rage these days in certain applications; this old house is beyond repair.  For now it was fun to collect these pictures.
The dads were taking a break and admitted that it was easier to endure my picture taking than to jump up and get back to work. That was fine with me. Anyway, breaks are an important part of a job like this. What better time to dream and plan.

Brad is all excited about spending the summer helping Gabe with all the hard work of a new house.

 Jenny and Gwen inspect and look on every chance they can.  Gwen manages to be everywhere at once.

 Here we are sitting and visiting between projects in the middle room in the old house. The current puppy, Mocha, would not be left out.

 We had an ice cream/sherbet break at one point. Here is Myles, the two year old in the family at the Burkey’s.

I tried to decide if I should even mention that Elv and Lance were sick the whole time we were in Nebraska. Frustrating for them.

Jube, I put this picture on for you to see that Gwen was pleased with your bug shoes.  They fit her quite nicely.  She had to try on her new dresses, too. So life was good.

And one more.

There were no pictures available of our time with Matts.  Elv and I stayed at their house and enjoyed coffee and visits with them, as well.  We had the best time in their little picnic area Friday evening. Matt made smoked ribs for supper. They served smoked caramel apples with ice cream, too. I hope to try that sometime ourselves. So yummy.  The children played in the grove past dark while we adults visited and laughed enjoying the perfect Nebraska evening around the fire.

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