June At TheStoneHouse

June is slipping away quickly.  The green we waited for so long is glorious. Now our tiny door yard of lawn is enclosed with an almost solid screen of leaves providing us a bit more privacy than at any other time of the year. We love it. No it doesn’t keep the noise of our busy community out, or the little boys from running in and out, but we can have picnics in the evening without a public audience.
 Honeysuckle thrives along the shaded road ways and there are four or five different colors of it. I like the dark pink the best and wish I had a whole solid hedge of this. There is another plant climbing in the shrubbery there, too, I know. 
 Bird’s-foot Trefoil
 The Poison Ivy is lush and everywhere along the streets here in Northwoods Beach. This patch is growing near to the channel. Don’t say you weren’t warned. 
 Grindstone Lake through the trees here at the overlook park. I escaped to here the other day on my bike. Met the neighbor lady who wanted zucchini last fall. Now I wish I had planted it again this year. It was fun to meet a new friend out on a bike, too. 
Margie has a lovely snowball bush right now loaded with these beauties. I begged a bouquet and have been enjoying it on the coffee table. 

 We went out on the canoe for the first time last week one evening. All the lakes are at full pool finally after several years of being at low levels. It’s amazing the difference it makes. 
 This is in the channel between the two big lakes. Even the channel is wide enough in some places to be its own lake right now.
 Even with the water being up, the beaver are still not quite satisfied and work diligently to create a dam under the bridge. We waited on the other side on our way back as a group of folks on a pontoon boat realized this and were obliged to turn around. They had to make a three point turn to get around in the narrow water way. Finally headed in the right direction back to Lake Couderay the man at the wheel apologized to us, “And we’re not even tourists.”  We were laughing already anyway, so it was kind of him to give us permission. 
 On the other side of the bridge now. This is one of our favorite spots to sit on the bank and watch. The beavers are always somewhere busy. The bass are here too, and keep the water moving. 

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