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Summer Stone House Living

Amy gave the old root bound and beautiful hanging potted house plant a “hair cut” and couldn’t bear to throw the lovely leaves away. So we decided to root them. The blue jars make perfect vases for the project.

I found these books at the used shop this week: Stones Into School by Greg Mortensen, It’s More Than The Music by Bill Gaither, and Traveling Light by Max Lucado.  Reading all three at once.

Susan brought these two tiny cut glass vases last weekend. Aren’t they just wonderful?

We have been gathering flowers of every kind. Abbey brings armloads of wild flowers to us whenever she comes to our house.

                                                                 Indian Paintbrush

            I had fun with this. Just dried roses and the three relative’s wedding announcements. And Dan and Ruthie, too, of course. How are you doing, Dan’s?

This one is for you, Amy. Abbey brought me that cute little hot plate.

 I went with Elv on errands in the wood. Found these pictures.

The husby cutting crookeds into sale-able lengths. 

 Did you know pink ribbons are useful for loggers? I think they didn’t notice the color. Loggers wouldn’t generally. I asked Elv why this ribbon. “Just a marker.” Pretty, isn’t it?

Berry Blossoms

Chives All A-bloom

The hosta is especially lush and beautiful this summer.

Come sit for a spell with us. We’re enjoying the new patio. Hopefully you won’t notice that the concrete walkway isn’t done yet.  This is just one of our summer projects ahead of us.

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