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A List For The Girls

    All of our daughters are away from home just now, depending on each other as friends. Two of them are married with little ones of their own. This list is from my heart to our girls. I learned these things from watching my Skrivseth Aunties and from my own mom and her sister’s good times together. And from enjoying the grown up friendships of my own sisters.
    So to all the girls who read this blog.

1. Do have good times together.
2. Protect the reputations of the folks you speak about, jealously, as if they were there hearing you.
3. Be kind, always. Anyone merits a little kindness, no matter how slovenly or unkind they might seem to be to you.
4. How do you want the others to feel about having been with you? Blessed, cared for, loved? Think ahead of time, how you will meet that goal while you are together.
5. Bring something lovely to the table with you: your latest creation, newest idea, something you read, or pinterest stuff. Share something lovely with the rest.
6. Do that coffee shop together.
7. Spread cheer and comfort. Especially comfort. Every busy woman needs the comfort and understanding of her friends.I can’t over stress this comfort thing. You have struggles in each your worlds: things you are learning, serving little ones, and being beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside.  It’s VERY energy sapping. Your times together can be fuel if you offer comfort to each other.
8. Think of ways to encourage the others: by your compliments or affirmations.
9. Laugh, cry and pray together.
10. And keep it safe between you, for all of you, confidentially.
You girls are each others best friends for life; you’ll find this out very soon. So start now to be the best kind of friends while you are young. Never let fear rule in your hearts about each other. Face those things and talk about them immediately. Foster comfort for each other’s hearts. Respect each other’s husbands carefully and kindly, always. Always! Always! Your husbands are your other best friends. Help each other to be the best kind of wives you can be.
  Here’s for a lifetime of laughter and goodness together, amg

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