Family, Wonders Of God's Creation


It is funny what you can do with a phone camera and Picasa. Now anyone can create a magazine worthy picture. 

 Someday, Brad, when you are 35 and everything around you is too big a deal; just come back to this spot and do this again for an hour or two. All the big deals pull themselves back into proper perspective and you can see the larger picture of God’s goodness all over your life again.

       Always have time to make grass whistles, and to examine the bugs.              

 Today, Elv sent me a link to a song called Steal Away by Celtic Thunder. Made my day, of course. This is the same guy that spends hours studying for sermons, goes to endless training meetings as a fire fighter, takes out three or four evenings a month to meet with the other elders at church, gets advice from the older men whenever he can, fields the frustrations of those who want him to solve problems, pays the bills, is super dad to our global children tirelessly, yearns over our grandbabies, and keeps the same job for years on end. Today he made time to think about us, him and me. He does this regularly, as well. He is Mr. Steady to a fault and I love him.

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