Canoeing, Grandchildren, Scribblings


Canoe rides and water play. 

The men enjoyed loading the red and white canoes on each their Jeeps. 
Elv and I took Clark’s boat and perused the Billy Boy last week one evening.
 We found the yellow flags blooming.

One of the beaver condos we pass.



He caught one lonely fish, but pronounced the  fishing a success since he hadn’t been “skunked”. 
This summer is an odd one for us. Elv and I live at the old stone house by ourselves. The boys are off to the big world to seek their fortunes so to speak.  Brad and his sisters are in Nebraska helping the two families of ours there who need extra hands for a few weeks. Of course, you know this.  So it is quiet here. A pair of yellow finches chatter and snack at the feeder by the hour with nobody running by to scare them off. I get to listen to my own style of music all day long. ( If you think I’m in a rut you ought to meet Pandora.) 
Lance and Noah each have found a house for themselves. Suddenly, these guys want recipes and advice about dishes, cutlery and cleaning stuff. This is fun! For me, anyway.
I’m not trying to be flippant about missing the children. We do miss them, but Elv and I got married so that we could spend more time together, and we have not had nearly enough of that to date and it’s been nigh on to 31 years! 
I am rediscovering things about two year olds. Did you know that if you whisper to them when you want to hear birds or other critters; they catch on immediately and whisper, too? I love those babies! Benny and I whispered awhile yesterday on the canoe, listening for the bullfrogs. Priceless moments!
Frank says life is amazing. I think life is absolutely full of a lot of little things that make a big difference. Notice, count, savor, enjoy the little things today.
1. yellow finch conversation
2. toddler whisperings
3. lupines blooming in the ditches
4. daises everywhere
5. clean, freshly caulked, (vintage) windows in this old house
6. marvelous decorating ideas from a grown son. Actually, this is a big deal to me. He has a brainstorm and if we get it accomplished, I will show you one of these days.  

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