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Daisies For You

The daises came blooming right on the end of the trillium again this summer. Daisies grow anywhere: ditches, fields, woods, pastures, and along the roads here in Northwoods Beach. They grow over the graves of good men, says legend, thus the expression “pushing daisies”. They are hardly ever bothered by pests and are grown world wide now-a-days.


  Daisies show up as the symbol of purity on paintings and in weddings. Children make daisy chains and wear them. Lovers pull the petals saying, “she loves me, she loves me not”, hopefully the last petal is a cinch with, “Yes, She Loves Me!”
How silly!


The word daisy is Greek for ‘day’s eye’ named this because daisies open at dawn, so they say. I think that is probably a bit romantic. Who stands by the daisy patch to prove when they open up? And I have a feeling that once they have opened, they stay open all the nights through that they last. If anyone of you has witnessed the daisies opening at dawn, I will happily acquiesce.

Take the time to pick the daisies this weekend besides enjoying the 4th of July stuff. For those who maintain Mennonite heritage; I would inform you that Mennists were staunch Loyalists. When they came off the ships to the New World, they were asked to sign a document stating same. Just a point of interest on this day in America.

1 thought on “Daisies For You”

  1. I was reading your post to the girls and they asked what you meant by Lovers pull the petals saying, “she loves me, she loves me not”. I explained to them how it works remembering that I did it too in my low teens and my girls thought the how idea was totally dumb. ummmm I laughed and I had to wonder if the picked daisy to try it on when I wasn't looking that day.


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