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Current Events

 Pots of geranium bloom on our doorsteps.  We have had these very plants for five years.  This spring when they were set outside, they didn’t get their usual trimming…they looked so nice already. I would advise giving plant food to get these kinds of blooms.  I am a haphazard plant person, so I can’t tell you just when it was that I gave them the plant food…during winter. We are enjoying the results.

 The lupines are blooming along Lake Superior just now. Must be seen to be appreciated, properly. I would advise a family jaunt to the north shore one of these next few days.

 The cook stove is installed in the cabin. AND it works. We now have choices: we can cook without cooking ourselves while we cook, or we can open those two front doors and allow it to warm the room. This is a vast improvement over the last stove that was there.

It is a Happy Meal and rightly named. Elv replaced the rotted out fire box with one of his own making.  He made it to include the front opening as the original which makes for smokeless loading. We are so pleased. The heat thermometer works, too. I am all excited about cooking and baking with this stove. Can you tell?

Just a quick over view of Sunday afternoon at the cabin. We had 23 people in our Sunday morning circle. Singing and sharing was great. Herb led the Sunday School class discussion from Proverbs 16. One of the things he said was: Pride is thinking our ways are better. 

On our way home Monday, we stopped along the shore for a few minutes. The fog was moving inland. Lovely, water falls were all along the shore line from the rain we had over the weekend. Gorgeous.

1 thought on “Current Events”

  1. So glad that you included pictures of the new cookstove at the cabin! I have spent a lot of time looking at pictures of old cookstoves on the internet, and I've never run across one quite like yours. I'm anxious to hear about how it works for you, and I would really appreciate it if you would post pics of what it looks like with the two doors open. As you can tell, I'm fascinated!


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