Puttering with Photographs

True to Skrivseth form, I have been thinking and talking about framing some of our photography from the late Sony camera, and not getting it done… for several years. Mom has often accused those of us in her dear family who show this good-idea-not-done thing of this: “Once you say it, you think it’s done”. Which, to her way of thinking, is worthless and wasteful. You can look at it two ways: like mom says, we are full of good ideas and no realism about doing it or that good ideas keep us happy whether or not we can do them. Some folks must see accomplished tasks before any of those good feelings start to kick in. Frankly, I feel sorry for them. Dreaming doesn’t cost a thing.
DSC01197                                                                 DSC01202
There are ways to make dreams happen. First, you have to give up perfection because it kills initiative badly. So plan on doing your best, with what you have available and go. Anything less than that amounts to excuses, I think. For me, anyway.  And with this particular project any of the things I used could easily be replaced and improved upon, based on what I was learning along the way. The next batch of framed photography will be better in a lot of ways. At any rate, I DID it, finally!
Another way to begin on dreams is to not think about the whole job at once. Break it down into do-able steps. Home maintenance is one of the worst things to neglect because it accumulates, piling up defeat after defeat as the years go by unless someone digs in and starts on the little unseen things day after day, year by year. It is not what gets done that is noticed; it is what is NOT getting done.
                                          DSC01206                                DSC01208                                       DSC01209
Finally, undisciplined comparison quenches creativity. If eyeing my neighbor’s “genius” and sizing it up to my lack thereof makes me feel stupid instead of inspired then I have a contentment and an initiative problem. Seriously! It’s a choice between being inspired, “ I could do that with my old windows in storage” or being defeated, “that probably costs more money than I have, and I don’t know how to do it.”
projects 2013
And one more thing…
Waiting on the Lord is mostly about getting to work with what is at your elbow to do. I would put it right up there with prayer and fasting at the very least.

2 thoughts on “Puttering with Photographs”

  1. thanks Arla. This is some good motherly advice for me, too. Wisdom, I would say. 🙂 I think I knew some of this stuff, but reading it in words makes it stick better, and helps me think it through.


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