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Mid-October Garden



Autumn in Wisconsin has been beautiful again this year. Warm days and plenty of color. The flowers and crops in the garden held on without a killing frost till the middle of October. Bouquets kept coming in for our table.

So the girls and I spent some time enjoying the garden  one afternoon. I went out with the camera and called for them to come as well. They wandered out looking like I was nuts, as usual but caught on nicely. They get tired of my camera.

 The cats came, too. Nimrod is growing by leaps and bounds on mice and chipmunk. He will be quite a panther of a cat full grown. We’re glad for his help around here keeping the rodents down.

 The zinnia took many weeks to begin to flower for us due to greedy little rabbits. Lance eliminated one of them for me one evening when he was out and about with his not-so-little pistol. No place to target practice here in the village until the little rabbit showed up. I walked down the bean row and herded it toward Lance and then when he said, “Get out of the way,” I fled and he shot it. Did I say all this before?
But I was so happy to be rid of it, that it bears mentioning again mostly because the flowers were lovely afterward.

 This picture to the right is tweaked with one of my favorite things on the photo editing program. It is a good picture without the edit, but I like the texture that shows up.                                            

There is no editing on the above picture. Looks like we could have taken the laundry in and cut the sewer pipes down a bit though.

   Beans on the trellis and leaves in the background. At least half of the leaves are still in the trees. My children have this joke that goes like this: Q. Do you know how mom broke her leg while raking? A. She fell out of the tree.  Laugh here. Ok, I suppose I deserve this. I rake leaves fall and spring around the year. This year might be an exception since the leaves aren’t going to fall before snow does, I guess.

We have been richly blessed with a wonderful harvest this year.

3 thoughts on “Mid-October Garden”

  1. Pretty flowers and pretty girls, and I think the joke about raking is actually quite funny. 🙂 We have lots of leaves to rake over here if you run out there…although they are covered with snow now.


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