The Table At Home

 Because Lisl showed us her pretty table on her post , I decided to show her/you, ours, as well.
   I love the colors of fall decor. Warm and cozy, earthy colors.
  The birds are enjoying the deer tallow hung there in the window. It’s a yucky, butcher-y looking thing and I don’t know why I allow us to hang it there right outside the window…except that the birds like it.

 Our house is bursting with projects just now.
    1. Carolyn’s monogrammed cookies are spread in rows covering her work area. (Bev’s table, Jenny.)
    2. Wedding sewing. Three machines, completed dresses and piles of incomplete dresses. Scissors and pins.
   3. Four freshly built window boxes made of very old, weathered (don’t think rotten even if Elv says it out loud) stand on end huddled together in the corner by the china cabinet. When they’re all dry I shall sand and seal them. Oh yes, we are having fun planning for these. I can picture them, full and overflowing with flowers, already.

 4. Frank is gluing glitter to the back of her Otter Box. Don’t ask, I don’t know.
 5. Brad is reading Josephus.  Mom, does he get fifty dollars for reading it through? That is what you told Clark. Save your money, Mom. Buy us a new copy, this one is falling apart.

6. Crocheting.
7. Frances’s quilt is in. It takes up half the room and should be quilted asap depending on you ask. But I really like having it there even though I can’t work on it every day. Lovely winter, indoor work. You’ll be seeing more of it as we go along.
8. Ivy to root and pot.
9. Geranium same.
10. Firewood to work up.
11. Sidewalk! Still!
12. Pumpkins to can.
13. Apple butter. We have so many lovely quarts of sauce downstairs standing in rows in the pantry that we can cook a few into spicy butter. This will be a snowy, cold day adventure.
14. Basement wall to insulate and decorate with wood.
15. Hunting season coming right up.

Yes, we are richly blessed. Stop in for coffee and chat as soon as you can.

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