Hearth Moments

Mid afternoon at home by a crackling, flickering fire, just me with a cup of coffee and the computer.  It is a surprise quiet after a fortnight of wedding rush and work. As we were leaving the reception hall today the last of the chairs and tables had been parked in the hidden away places and vacuums were running about in the hands of tall boys. Just like that it was over.  Bride and groom waved away. 
Sometimes after the last flurry of goodbyes there is this slump. Just feels bad to turn from all the fluttering skirts and white shirts and flowers standing there by the leaving car, back to the mess left to clear.  What was beautifully and gracefully arranged tables and backdrops a few hours ago is now just a lot of paper and plastic to clear away. None of that feeling today.
We used the church plates and silver ware, and simple decor of purple and calla lilies planned by a smart bride. Lovely! and clean up was over almost before it started. All that is left is a happy feeling of a ceremony well done. The reception was fun and done. 
In my small break here, I am immediately thinking of next week: raking, flowerbed cleanup, and fall cleaning. No more sewing until the snow flies and piles up. And hoping for tea with friends stopping by or at their hearths, as the case may be. Next weekend is quarterly leadership meeting which we might be able to attend for once. (We wives get to spend a little time together doing what women do: sharing about our triumphs and trials.) Or we could go up to the cabin and have church with the family there at their request. Or we could just stay at home. 

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