Fall Decor

Thanksgiving Week

How shall we best be thankful? Reading THIS post today inspired me to really want to make Thanksgiving and Christmas a special memory this year.
And HERE is another great post on how to be thankful.

How about a list of expectations:

* Gatherings. In living rooms and around tables. Rows of shining faces along long tables laden with pretty things and tasty food.
* Singing. Caroling outside neighbor’s kitchen windows. Family singing times. Congregational Christmas songs on Sunday mornings.
* Visits. Snail mail letters/pictures/cards from family and friends. (Must send ours, too.) Around the hearth late at night because nobody has to haul off to work in the morning.
* Food. I want to have a doughnut making day. And pies. And have the menfolk smoke a turkey.
* A puzzle or two to piece.
* Christmas music on the radio.
* Handel’s Messiah, again.
* Gifts of glossy, thick-painted mugs and warm-speckled, cotton socks.
* Morning snuggles with grandchildren by the fire. Tousled heads, wide awake eyes, rumples pajamas, and cozy toes.

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