Random Stuff

   Blah! said Toad. -Taken from Charlotte’s chat status this week. I totally agree. The cold is getting to me, maybe.
    Suddenly my house feels like it is just crawling with crawlies.  Maybe it’s the dog or the wood stove dirt or all this being trapped indoors.  Whatever it is, It Has  To Go! Amy stops and peers into my face and asks, “Do you hear music in the distance?” Then laughs like SHE is the one hearing music in the distance.
    It helped momentarily when I unloaded the bookshelves this week, and gave them two fresh coats of WHITE paint.

   Now everyone is worried that I’m going to paint everything in sight, white. Watch out. I just might!  Spring cleaning is coming soon.
    The girls aren’t far behind me.  They’re cleaning and putting stuff away.  Ruger has been exiled to the porch. He is obedient and patient about that so far…guileless animal.
     We dumped all of our coin stashes out on the table and counted it. We want flowers and candles, so we’re gonna have them without snitching other money.
     Elv has been working ALL of the daylight hours and into the dark evening hours this week.  He grumbled longingly last night when he finally came to bed about needing a weekend to get to know his wife and family again.

   I have three pairs of foot wear I depend on, that are getting old. A pair of Clarks brand boots should last longer than four years, right? But my feet have been getting wet. Francis had the same problem, so she decided to fix it. We got a can of shoe and tent silicon.  She lined up all six pairs, hers and mine, and gave them several coats. Perfect distraction against the winter blahs.
   To top the winter off, LP doubled in price in a day’s time. Our hot water was “dear” in the first place.  I fight back by filling our largest cooking kettles with water and letting the wood stove keep us in free hot water. But it is a big pain!
  This week, I read a book, A Captain’s Duty by Stephan Talty, knitted on my learning to knit project, and listened to a new music, (Joy Brand New by Ordinary Time recommended by Dru and Lisl), over and over until I could replay the nicest parts inside my head. Besides painting the bookshelves, that is.
    The children brought a couple of armloads of library books home including old comic books and Mrs. Polifax. I have never read Mrs. Polifax, not because I am virtuous, but because I prefer other things. 

    While I wrote these scribbles the girls did up the Saturday cleaning and the nuthatches worked on emptying the feeder. Now the girls are headed off to town to get those flowers and candles and I’m gonna “sip coffee” Jenny, and listen to music and scrub the stairs. I’m a rotten scullery maid. 

    There are tulips and daffodils under all that snow just waiting to get the signal that they can pop up and tell us that spring is here. Come to think of it, I believe I DO hear music in the distance.

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