Let’s Walk In The Garden

Come with me. Grab a cup of coffee and take a walk with me to the garden. I’m tired of the cold and wintry wilderness. Here is an offer for perfect escapism. I didn’t plan ahead for this moment back last summer when I was playing with my camera. But I am grateful. 

 These poppies are from some seed that I gathered from Mom’s Gardens in Idaho. I was there in September 2012 and walked in her gardens alone. She was convalescing from hip surgery or she would have been showing me around. Mom sees her gardens as a whole landscape  and shows you in that manner, as well. That’s fun, too. But on my own I could take my time and gather seeds and dream of my own little garden. Mom is a landscaper/parks as a result gardener. I’m a piddly little granny gardener. With a camera! 

 Zinnia are probably the most rewarding flower for me. They grow and produce a variety of color and many different renditions of the ordinary composite flowers. Surprises abound every new day. And you can cut and gather them for vases. And find bees to grab macros of, as well.

         This one is fuzzy, I think. The bee and the picture. 

 Feasting my eyes on these pictures helps me to forget how cold it is outside. Here it is warm and sunny. The drowsy bees buzz.  I move my bare feet under the shade of the wide leaves because the soil is too hot to stand there for very long. 

 A sketch book and a pencil would be nice. If that’s what you like to do, here are some to copy. Pencils sketches of these in your journal in January would be interesting for your grandchildren reading them later.

What are these? Mallow? Holly hock?

 We save the seed for these from year to year. Plant a short row. They grow high and wide creating a happy backdrop for the rest of the flowers. Great for bouquet filler, and camera play.

 Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Walk In The Garden”

  1. Gwen and I enjoyed this post. We have all the same flowers in our garden, except for the poppies. Yesterday Gwen wanted to put something pretty on the table, so she said, “lets go out to the garden and get a bouquet of flowers!”.


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