The Things You See With a Camera

Snow everywhere! It is awe inspiring. Those who fancy they are sick of winter and dislike snow are certainly in trouble around here today.
Elv invited us all to run errands with him this morning. At first I declined…choosing the warmth of my wood stove and comfortable, dry indoors rather than the pleasures of an adventure…on second thought, “I’ll come”. It’s been awhile since I had just such a chance at taking pictures of everything snowy. A blizzardly dump of snow does creative things to the our ordinary world view, so to speak.

 The flag flying behind snow covered branches. This is the first thing I noticed when I looked out the door at our changed world this morning.

Highway 27 going north into Hayward this morning. Yes, I edited the picture, just color a little bit. It really looked like this.

27 North of Hayward and through the blowing falling snow we saw people? or something on the road.  Whitetail deer. Three of them.  They stood there hesitantly and seemed loathe to leave the road as we came along.
And no wonder, once they plunged for the woods we understood.  They were suddenly in the ditch struggling to get through, swimming in snow over their backs.  If you look closely at the next picture you will see one of them there just at the foot of that most obvious tree trunk. They finally broke through into the woods that wasn’t quite as deep.

 Here we come, driving on Lance’s freshly plowed woods trail. Beloved Jeep, getting us through to any and all of our adventures in the woods.

So someone was using pink ribbon to mark wood, or a trail? or a boundary line. Couldn’t resist taking a shot of it standing out so proudly in the white wilderness.  Isn’t it pretty? Best use of pink I’ve ever seen, If you want to know my opinion of pink.

 We eventually came on to this huge machine plowing snow.  Lance is the operator.

Standing in the snow by the trail and throwing snow at their dad. Yeah, I did…hit the boost button just once and got this burst of color. Neat, don’t you think?

 Do you see that blue in there? We began to see this along the tops of all the snow banks by the trail. It has something to do with light through the snow. I took the pictures not at all sure that we’d be able to see it on the pictures themselves. Well, here it is. This picture is untouched. Is this the same thing that you see on the ice along Lake Superior in the spring when the the ice pack comes in looking like it got dunked in blue dye?

I “boosted” this one just to see what would happen to the blue color.

We found this on Mosquito Brook Rd: Cattails, old left over bridge pilings, water, and that snow for framing.

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