What We Did Today


 It was 30 below first thing this morning. It’s too cold for anything but sitting by the fire, or flat out laying as close to the stove as is safe and possible if you are Ruger.

    It’s a good time to catch up on the computer stuff.  And for browsing Pinterest all curled up in a fuzzy. It was a good day to be sick with a nasty cold. Sitting and toasting by the fire was legal for two reasons that way.
It was a great morning for Elv to make breakfast of sausage and eggs delivered to me in the living room. Took my first tasty bite of cheesy eggs and sausage and was immediately transported to our cabin mornings where he always makes breakfast.
Elv is such a peach about cooking and building lovely fires in stoves and brewing coffee and bringing my breakfast to me. Yes, I am spoiled. Then he brought his breakfast and joined us in the living room to sit for a while longer. Too cold to work almost never happens even on a winter like this one has been.

 I was sick all day and so were the girls.  We totally sacked out and did nothing but one set of dishes, one all over vacuuming, and I think I washed two loads of laundry.  Wrote in my journal, read a novel, listened to music, stared into space, snoozed for a bit, and told the girls I would take no calls. Perfectly lovely way to spend one more day of winter.

Anybody who got the idea he or she was hungry had to go to the kitchen and fend for him/herself. Hamburgers My Way is pretty well what they picked. The remains are hideous: one yucky, smelly, hard-to-wash electric griddle, “The Works” which is an assortment of BBQ sauces, ketchup, cheese, butter, onions, tortillas, etc, all spread hither, thither and yon on every available surface.
Elv ran errands today accompanied and aided by Lance and Brad. They delivered a car to the mechanic, a welder to a different mechanic and brought home a big load of firewood. And at seven he attended a BLFD business meeting. A good day’s work.
Tomorrow when it is only ten below zero, everyone will try to return to regular work and projects. But today WAS nice, truly.

1 thought on “What We Did Today”

  1. That sounds like a truly wonderful day! (says the new mom who spent the day learning to fly solo with a new baby in the house.) Ah, but my life is so wonderful too. 🙂


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