Break-Up Beginnings

 Lake Superior pictures of us.  Taken on March 9, 2014. The winter Lake Superior became 92% frozen over. I wanted to see that and then get pictures of it. What a sight.

 A fishing village sprawled all over the lake. I would have loved to walk out there and talk with the fishermen. What were they bringing in? Is anybody worried about the ice pack moving away from land?

 Beautiful blue ice. We drove east along the north shore all the way to Beaver Bay. The ice pack had blown away from the shore up there and we could only see a faint white line on the other side of the blue water way out there. But one of these days the wind will change and bring that ice pack crashing up against the shore on this side and the ice chunks will fold and pile up in towers and layers like broken glass. Blue glass. I want to watch this happen.

 Someone made a wonderful dish of GF pasta just for me for Sunday lunch. I had to take a few pictures of the wonderful vignette that Susan knows how to create here and there in their home in the woods.

 It was our Sunday to go up to enjoy church and fellowship with Lattins. Just nice.

Mud is here!  Lovely mud! Our first and best evidence that God has not forgotten His promise to us that as long as the earth stands we shall have summer, winter, springtime and harvest. We are positively giddy about this sure sign that the winter is past. Why else would one take pictures of it!

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