Stitches and a List for March

 One quilt out and another quilt in.  Frances cut patches of our blue scraps and of a white sheet from the used shop. I sewed it together. Amy created the stencil and off we go to another quilt. We like this one because it is blue.

 While we quilt and wait for the snow to melt I make mental lists of what should get done in March in preparation for a June wedding.

 ~ Paint the kitchen white. Replace top cabinets with old barn wood boards, sanded and varnished. Black metal brackets to hold them.
~ Sew the bride’s gown and other dresses.
~ Finish up the two quilts, wash and pack them into Frank’s trousseau.
~ Rake and clean tight behind the receding snow: tree trash, firewood trash, trash trash, etc.
~ Get all the roles for the wedding filled with friends and acquaintances as needed.
~ Design and order and send off invitations.

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