Home Bouquets

Winter will not finish up.  The snow banks settled noticeably. As in, noticeably dirtier and more packed. For a few days it might be possible to walk on top of the snow with out falling through only now and then. Such adventures are fun if you are not trying to get anywhere in a hurry. Tentative can be defined by watching someone gingerly toe groping along mindful of an impending plunge to the knees or deeper at any moment. 
Several inches of new snow whitened the dirty snow banks nicely the last couple of days so that spring quickly retreated out of sight again. Too bad. 

So if we cannot have spring we will have flowers from the store. Daisies, carnations, mums and roses. I want everything. I made excuse and bought two bunches of them for the special luncheon table I was in charge of creating. The white daisies were especially nice.
A whole big bouquet of yellow roses came home with me next for the coffee table in the living room. Amy said it reminded her of the the descriptions of rooms in a Grace Livingston Hill book. I will take that as a compliment, thank you.
Lovely rooms at home are especially nice when spring and winter play tug-a-war outdoors.  A flickering fire, shining floors, books and family photos on shelves, and a bouquet of roses …

My third bouquet.

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