A Bouquet of Roses

A bouquet of yellow roses goes a long way toward alleviating cabin fever when winter will not leave. I found a dozen of them pushed down into the midst of the Wal-mart carousel of fresh flowers. I claimed them knowing full well what can be done with them.  Squeezing the centers told me that they were not nearly opened even though they were already partially open and fragrant. So we enjoyed them for a few days in a vase on the coffee table. Fully open they became a solid mound of sunshine for us.

Finally we “tipped” them, which means that we hung them upside down to dry. This is just as nice for enjoying as is the fresh flowers stage.  It takes four or five days to dry completely depending on how dry is the air. With the wood stove still in use around the clock we struggle to keep enough moisture in the air so our roses dry quickly and
completely.  After drying, each stem ought to be sprayed with an acrylic spray. But now they are ready to use for decor.

 The bouquet in the pitcher dried by accident. I gathered these from Margie’s rose bush and did not add water as it should have been done to keep them alive. But the result was lovely.
     So a bouquet of roses is a great investment for this house. We use them all over the house.

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