The Rain Turned to Snow

Whatever old snow the rain melted away this morning is quickly being replaced by a new, sticky layer that has been falling in a thick curtain outside every window all the afternoon. Darkness will come early tonight despite their Daylight Savings Time. We will not mind, snug by the fire, on this wintry night.
     Brad came in at my command from whacking away at the ice/wood chip layer that has accumulated on the patio all winter. He was soaked through from the rain and happy to quit. He fired up Ranger Bill on my computer and sat listening to three or four unlikely, heroic adventures. He also ordered up fresh cookies.
    I started dumping ingredients into a large, red Tupperware bowl reminding him that he would have to stir. Turned out we were out of oatmeal, so he had to finish the project with white flour himself. He lit the oven, planted nine large lumps of dough evenly spaced on a half sheet, put them in and timed them for ten minutes. They turned out perfectly cracked, done just right.  The snow making everything white outside only makes these moments nicer. The smell of fresh baked cookies.
    Amy is upstairs sewing. I worked on Francis’ quilt binding. Before that we cleaned the “jar room”. Found a lot more stuff to trash. We can now see the floor and what really is on the shelves again: apple sauce mostly and a good many empty jars. All good. I have been reading a book the last couple of hours sitting in my blue, stuffed chair, looking up now and then, to refresh this cozy feeling, at the falling snow, whitening trees, and my fire in the stove. (D.E.Stevenson)
    Our Bride-To-Be is off to Nebraska with Clark’s to visit the wondrous Josh. (He is a nice man, by the way.)  The wedding is safely eight or nine weeks away in the dim future, or so it seems, and we are not fretting what’s to do today! Very nice feeling.
    Not to say we are not excited about this wedding. We are. But it is really hard to understand the reality of a June wedding with all this snow falling and backing up our to-do list some more. We have a list of things that simply cannot be done until it warms up and stays warmed up.

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