Talking About The Daffolils…

 That is, wild flowers and hollyhocks. The hollyhocks are over our heads and blooming

Cow Parsnip

 It’s growing along Hwy 53 right now just this side of Superior for miles. Tall, white flowers beautifying the miles along with the yellow birds foot trefoil.

Yellow Roses

Not mine. Someone in Grand Marais, MN knows how to grow roses.

This flower is blooming along Hwy 61. It belongs to the forget-me-not family and it is called Viper’s Bugloss. Very pretty. Nasty to handle.

The lupines are on the way out, but still nice along the shore as well. I was happy to be able to stop along the shore, no protests, from my passenger who happened to be exactly on my page for the day.

We stopped several places along the shore and enjoyed the lake, the flowers, and visiting. I would recommend spending all Saturdays doing only and all of what you would like to do to “decompress”. This was perfect.

These two pictures are just for my records to remind me that we do have some lawn at the cabin now and mowing gives us the feeling of tidiness there.

Even though we still don’t have siding! The cabin is our favorite landing spot after a busy week. We had only 24 hours there arriving at dusk Friday evening. Settled in and then Amy built a fire in the fire pit for the four of us to enjoy. Fireflies over the swamp, woods all around us, the night, no traffic, and the stars overhead. We lounged there long and late.

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