Scattered Summer Scrapbook Notes

   Summer is flying by. The August calendar page is too full. We checked through what those plans are and the only one we could actually dock was Brad’s Driver Ed schedule. He will sign up for a session later in the fall after he is back from harvest time in Nebraska.      

My sister Amy, has a lovely, new table. The day I was at her house for a few minutes there were huge stacks of folded laundry on it. You can see her candle/doily centerpiece there, too.  And the vase of flowers. So you really can’t see the table, but then when can you see the table in a household of children where the table is grand central station?

It is a new table. One of those farm-type, plank, cabled tables. It is a lovely table. She can tell her own story about that.
Amy is a fearless home decorator. She splashes colors everywhere like nobody’s business much the same as our Aunt Eva did. I love this about Amy’s house. 

Don’t look for your picture here. I just thought is was the nicest looking arrangement of them. Just some rope and clothespins and a wall word. How simple is that!

Summer of the Hollyhocks 2014      

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