Evening Picnic

Poppies bloom in the garden. July has almost finished and the garden knows. Tomatoes are turning and the peas and radishes are gone.
How can summer be flying by so quickly?
    Things To Do Before Summer Is Gone

~ Camp.
~ Reshingle the stone house.
~ Blackberry picking.
~ Install the chimney in the new location at the cabin.
~ Corduroy The Mudhole with ironwood poles.
~ Wash the windows on the outside
~ Get a fishing license and fish for a long afternoon.

Lake Windigo Park 



1 thought on “Evening Picnic”

  1. You post a delicious life. and I like this one better than the last post…because I don't like to see pictures of my real life. Frank dropped by yesterday and she never seems to drop by when my house is dreamy and pretty. must be because it never is. Life is real I guess.


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