Fleeting Days of Summer/Childhood

 Summer is gone. We had good times. But it did fly by too quickly, as good times always do. I kept thinking that I was doing well at savoring. Used my camera a lot and spent as much time as possible with Lisl who is moving back to Thailand next week. We had the usual, regular patio suppers and Sunday afternoons of visiting and children refereeing.  But it is all kind of a blur.

                           It’s a happy blur, of course.  Jube and Lisl planted my garden for Jube’s education and Lisl and my enjoyment this spring before the wedding. The garden grew and produced and is tilled away already. Jube dug potatoes, gathered tomatoes and found cucumbers among the vines. So he truly had the education they wanted for him.
    We went camping. Elv took some of them fishing a couple of times.
   The heat of summer is past. The awesome color and coolness of fall is here. While we mourn the loss of summer we welcome fall with delight. These two are not dichotomous.
     Forward we go, facing the changes in life either to enjoy them or to dread them. Since God is in control we should not waste our energy mourning what is gone. Besides we do not want to miss out on the joys ahead by getting stuck in a rut of what is past. Cannot live in yesterday or tomorrow. Must do today with all that we are.
    There are four new babies on the way at church. More happy changes. God keeps us sufficiently supplied in responsibility and joys. And we are grateful to Him. 

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