Just Sayin’

   Old is an attitude. I am not old. But being fifty is another matter, entirely. It’s one of those between ages, like 17, when you don’t really belong to any category. I am not a senior! But neither am I forty and frantic about either getting pregnant or not, as the case may be, thank God.
I am looking forward to learning how to act the age of my hair, gracefully, I hope, someday. Someday when I am finally all grown up, like my mom. Change is too big a deal where I am right now.
   On the other hand some of the changes are good. Like finally getting around to finishing undone projects on our house. And Elv having clearer vision about our own dreams again. And “repurposed” wood made into a lovely patio bench.
   And grown up children. I LOVE that our children are all adults. I guess it only gets better from here?
   And the lovely fall season.  It is so easy to be thankful when color is everywhere with the blue sky overhead.


6 thoughts on “Just Sayin’”

  1. Lovely photos Arla, I want to come and sit with you on that patio bench and read that pile of books you have sitting there and drink coffee. Your one grown up daughter visited and had coffee here with me this morning. Miss Havilah was along and made funny faces in the mirror while chewing on her cookie. That last picture needs to be made into a canvas print. So perfect. Shilah


  2. You've just plain got it made Arla. One daughter yet at home to help with the dishes and clean up and no toys to trip over every day and beautiful benches on a patio with amazing color every where. The mosquitos will be gone soon for you too. I don't understand how fifty seems to be a misfit. I asked a 70 old woman which years were the best. She said they all were! And she just smiles and loves up on every one all the time. It must be a key for successfully getting happily to 70. So keep smiling and who cares about acting your age!


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