Thankful List

Tomorrow, for part of our Sunday morning worship, we are having a testimony/singing to share what we are thankful for.  Thanksgiving day is next Thursday. I’m thinking about the things that are on my personal list this year.

~ I am especially thankful for our church. The challenges have been tremendous.
~ And for a group of families determined to stick it out and work together, after-all.
~ I am intensely grateful to those of you, our friends/brothers and sisters in Christ from other church groups, who offered kindness and prayers while we faced the challenges. You have no idea how important this has been to us.
~ Thankful for newly married couples and the new babies born this past year. Such encouraging proof that God is blessing…that life goes on…in a good way.
~ Thankful for peace in our hearts. The kind that comes after pain or suffering. It is a richer, brighter joy.
~ Thankful for old friends who know all about us and love us anyway. So thankful!
~ And for new friends. Isn’t it refreshing and amazing when we find each other because we are Christians?
~ And for my dear husband and children and grandchildren and for two living parents.
~ And for people who comment on this blog. 🙂

                          Life Is Good!

3 thoughts on “Thankful List”

  1. I am thankful for big sisters who go before and come through each part of life, still praising God for His goodness. And even if people don't comment on my blog very often either, I'm still learning whatever it was that I said I was. 🙂 I love you and love your blog so don't be discouraged. I find that when we are honest about our journey it makes people feel our pain with us,and because they don't know how to express how bad they feel for what we are going through, people tend to tip toe instead of walk over and give a hug. Keep being discreet, yet real. We need people that will admit: life is hard but GOD is good…


  2. And I didn't get to comment on your post where you told me to. I don't even get to blog these days myself. But I come here everyday for my little taste of comfort and eye candy. Thanks for keeping on even through the cruddy times.


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