Thanksgiving 2014

Winter is well and truly here. Have I mentioned this before? But it is a month early for sub-zero temps and lots of snow. So this is just one of my pins on the map of my journaling here for later reference. This is the year that we had snow in May and flurries again in September allowing us just three months of no snow for the year. This is the November when we had our first real snow storm two weeks before Thanksgiving, not two weeks after Thanksgiving. The fall that the leaves didn’t get raked.
 It is the same fall when Amy took her first full time job. She cried after the first day and got it over with and has enjoyed every day since.
The holiday season that Brad and I kept the store at the mall for Northwood Outdoor and Gifts one day a week.  We’d drive up to Duluth and open the store first thing in the morning. Brad would set up a computer and his notebook on a couple of hickory benches and study  between errands for me while I would open and make sure we were ready for customers. We’d pack out after eleven hours of store keeping and drive down the hill, enjoying the harbor lights and head home through the woods late at night.
This is the thanksgiving we moved the cookstove/chimney to the middle of the cabin. Brad and Josh Mullet helped. It is also the Thanksgiving when we didn’t have church at church but in the various families groups or churches elsewhere we found ourselves. 28 people were in our little circle at the cabin that morning. I hope all our other folks enjoyed the same good fellowship as we did around the Word.

 This at Lattins house where we had our Thanksgiving meal on Friday evening. Susan and I spent a few hours Saturday afternoon by lamplight each working our projects. Her’s was making wreaths one of which you see here that are full and lovely and beautiful. They plan to sell these at an event next weekend.

 My project was knitting mittens for the grandchildren in Nebraska.
The first two pair are so-so as they say. But the last pair pleases me considerable better. And these are not those. 🙂

Again if you need a pair let me know. I haven’t figured out a price yet.


The cabin is functional again. The chimney is where it belongs; so we have hot water, cooking, baking, and heat again. I am delighted that it turned out exactly as I had envisioned and now all the other possibilities of how to finish the kitchen come into view. We’re enjoying this ongoing project both as a dream coming true and as a healthy diversion.
Stay warm, think of others more than yourself, and do the right thing.

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