Our Own Canvas

I asked for a rolling pin rack. Brad crafted this one.

 It is the time of year when I am suddenly seriously discontent with the house. That unfinished basement is daily being remodeled in my mind. I walk by the pantry and see a million things that belong in the dumpster. Why do we keep all those empty jars. It is high time to move on. We never fill them anymore. Out they go. If you want them let me know in a comment.

 Last year’s brainstorm event produced a clean, revamped kitchen. I am still thanking God for this. Still liking it. So I’m taking courage. Dreams are free. And when I shared this dream with the logger man, he saw what I envisioned. Amazing results come of getting the man involved. So I’m thanking him, too.

 Over Christmas the guys here built the shelf curtain rod holder over the dining room windows. The rods are simply iron wood poles. I plan to varnish these. I don’t want a mish-mash of knick-knacks on them. Just something clean and simple up there. Right now it’s trees and birds. But we’re still dreaming. I think I spent 35 dollars on the lumber and varnish. The labor was a gift. God made the rods.

I looked up slip covers for this couch. I could spend anywhere from 100 to 2000 dollars. I’m dreaming of finding yardage at the local thrift store and sewing them myself.
    All this to remind me that dreaming is a good first step to accomplishment. Maybe next year I’ll post pictures of a finished master bedroom and bath in the basement.
    We’re also dreaming of a new work area complete with shelving, cabinets and counter-space for scrapbooking, letter writing, school, gift wrapping, and sewing.

4 thoughts on “Our Own Canvas”

  1. Please Arla in the days of everything going to plastic jars…PLEASE don't put jars in a dumpster!!! 🙂 I don't need them at this point either…but am sure someone might or will!! 🙂


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