February Winter Days

 The chickadees seem to be happier on the coldest mornings. They appear to be fluffier and sassier. Unlike us two-legged early birds who wrap cold hands around mugs of hot coffee and huddle by the stove where a new fire crackles.
    The sun comes up earlier now though. And it is the warmth kind of sunshine at midday.

Those aren’t really fattening buds yet, though. We have six weeks of winter left, and six weeks of spring, and then we might be ready for the poor sledding part of our year. I’m not complaining, by the way, just sayin’.
    In the meantime, there are houses with walls to paint and floors to change for two couples with dreams coming true this winter and spring. More on this later.
    Gurney’s seed catalog is lying open here beside me. The picture of arm loads of broccoli heads is astounding. In the real world, we know better. But it’s fun to look at.  We don’t need anything more than green beans and tomatoes in our garden. And flowers, of course.

2 thoughts on “February Winter Days”

  1. The broccoli heads have fat green worms hiding – becoming visible just when you lift the fork to your mouth. This is when you are glad you are on a picnic and you can drop the creature in the grass and forget about eating any more broccoli for a good long while!


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