The Siskin Outside Your Window

A Cornell Lab of Ornithology picture

It is so very cold this morning. Even the fires didn’t keep up well last night so we woke to a chilly house. But it is a still morning and the sunshine is brilliant. The pine siskin have been flocking to our feeder and emptying it every day. Brad interrupted their chirping and scrounging to fill the feeder for them this morning. I am fascinated with the beauty and individual personality of birds. So I stand at the window and watch. We have nuthatches, chickadee, purple finch and the siskins.
   What Jesus had to say about His heavenly Father noticing each sparrow, comes to mind. In that case, He must be able to track and care for each of us, too. How silly of us to worry.
    And I wonder, watching these birds just a few inches from my window, how it is that He bothered about all that lovely coloration on such a fragile and not oft noticed piece of fluff? Not many folks that I know have time or patience to watch birds. I’m sorry about that; because they’re missing out on a part of God’s goodness to us. He cares about seemingly frivolous details like tiny birds and flowers. Such details should shout God’s love into your heart, I think. “So that they are without excuse.”
    When are you going to stop your headlong rush to live life and get it all done to notice the yellows in the wings of the siskin? I promise, if you will try it just once… in the middle of your crazy day, you’ll understand worship in one of the better ways. You’ll be richer for it, way down inside your soul.

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