I am unpacking my suitcase today for the second time in a month having visited family in Michigan twice. I’m tired and slow today but feeling richly blest with wonderful memories of eternity-real events. I hope to unpack some of these things here so that we can remember and savor later.

 A funeral in our family is a reunion as well as saying Good-bye to a loved one. This particular funeral was extra special in many ways. Dave’s life story of redemption: a sinner saved by grace, married children walking with the Lord, and grandchildren who will do that, as well. The neighbors bore witness to his life of commitment to family and quality work.
Dave cut a lot of ice with his neighbors and friends and children. And I have to say I was blown away by the generosity and love these folks shared with us, just because we are Dave’s family.



These three ladies are sisters; you can tell that. When I grow up, I hope to be just like them. Such laughter and love and care they share with all of us. I’m a disciple.

The Oldies

 It’s fun being with the cousins. Everyone has his story and gray hair and maybe even a few grandchildren. But we are NOT  the oldies, if you ask the oldies. And we like to hear that. At least for two days we felt like the nieces and nephews in the younger sense. It is a great feelin’.

I took this picture of my brother making breakfast for us on Sunday morning.
“That’s a sick picture.” He declared when I posted it on family facebook.
I think it’s a great picture. Don’t you? He is my brother. He is also a dad and husband to a lovely family out in Idaho. And he is a preacher in the Bonner’s Ferry Mennonite church.  He does a great job wearing all those hats.
How about a little bragging on you, Daytan! Deal with it. You  have it coming!

And here’s another Praise The Lord in our lives. These two wonderful peoples were there, too. And told us some of their story.
I guess that is probably the best thing I learned this weekend. Everyone has a story and often it is packed with redemption and forgiveness, making all the difference about eternity in our hearts.
Live your story so that the rest of us get to see a clear picture of God’s grace. That is what family is supposed to be all about anyway, isn’t it?!

4 thoughts on “Unpacking”

  1. Oh I wish so bad I could've made it. Matt would've brought me sick kids and all if I would've said I wanted to. All my fault I missed it. Sounded like such a good redemptive time!


  2. Thank you for this beautifully written post! thank you for the reminder we all are living our story- hopefully pointing to the Savior. We are so thankful for your coming and supporting us all!


  3. Oh thank you for the pics!!! I wanted to be there in the worse way. Mike told me to just pack up and go with the girls but that looked so big ( my girls did not want to go either) and he couldn't take off from work because another guy up and quit so that is my sob story. So like Amy said It is my fault because I could have just did it. I have such fond memories of spending time with Heather and Heidi and would love to see them again.


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