Signs of Spring at the Stonehouse

 ~ Elv just called to say that they have to shut down now. Which being interpreted is: their woods machines are cutting in too much, the frost being gone, and they  have to move out. No more logging today for sure. They’ll load the machines onto trucks and move to  spring stumpage.
    Every work day is an iffy-ness of whether or not they can “go”.  Besides this, if we don’t soon get rain; the fire danger will “go through the roof”. Such is spring breakup.
~ I want to go canoeing, soon. Anybody?
~I’m missing Elv. He has been logging almost around the clock. No time for coffee or talk. No brains for anything but logging. Sitting with our feet in the lake is a far off memory… the stuff of fantasy. I put this picture here to remind me that summer really is coming and we’ll pull off Highway  61 one of these days and do this again. I’m sure.

~ There’s mud and water and dirty snow and a leaf pack all over the lawn fit to cause depression.
~ We cleaned the cars. Oh my! They were so bad! Inside and out!
~ We’ve had two cook-outs. We had only the patio for our space due to snow banks and mud, but we made it. Fire and grilling and all. Wonderful!
~ The clothes line is full of drying, sweet smelling blankets.

Spring Is Here!

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