Francis and I Made Some Spring

Josh and Francis were here for the weekend again. They have been home often since they married and settled in Nebraska. Of course, we enjoy each visit from our global children.

This time Francis was telling me about a spring door-swag she had made. Just coffee filters and some doodads and she was all set. Glue and wire, too.

 Francis says she cheated and used colored tissue paper for her pink flowers instead of a dyed coffee filter. It worked nicely. She had left over wedding burlap just for such things. A bit of ivy and a brainstorm. Her flowers are not hangydowny like mine are. I think hers is much better/nicer than is mine. But we won’t need to argue about that, ok?

See what I mean? I colored coffee filters with colored chalk to get the color I wanted. You can hardly see it, but there’s a lighter yellow flower in there, kind of underneath the two you can see. My burlap came from the real deal coffee bean bags we had at work. and the little wooden heart Thai pendants are from Lisl.

   Although I have projects: sewing and cleaning up to my ears around here, I stopped my ears to them and wasted a whole morning playing with this thing. I wasn’t going to hang it the place of the old stale Christmas wreath because it isn’t perfect. But today  I have changed my mind.
   Everyone needs a break day to create now and then. Such a good feeling. I recommend it.
    Sewing is calling, but first I am going to go take a walk with Kristine. 🙂

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