Dating Days

Fleeting days. Happy, exciting times of being together. A bright future before you.
Every courtship is different. So is yours. You didn’t follow the neat and tidy formula very much. At all!

Lance said he had to date someone he already knew pretty well and he had to know ahead of time if she liked him. This mom thought it was a tall order in reality, but I prayed accordingly for him. Dear God, please bring a woman into Lance’s life who he already knows and let him somehow know beforehand that she likes him, too. Amen.

 We wondered how God would do this for Lance. He almost never attended the local youth activities. He has worked a full time job since he was seventeen and he headed up a kid’s club. That was about the extent of his interests in life, unless you count snowmobiling with Caleb and visits to Nebraska to see his sister. I figured God was going to have to make a miracle happen.

  One thing we for sure weren’t going to do was to go wife hunting FOR him. Now I have heard of that being done, but for all of the bright ideas I have heard for Christian courtship, this one takes the cake for ridiculous. That’s an opinion, I know, but I feel it is a rather balanced one, don’t you?

 We figure if a son is not man enough to do his own courting; he has no business getting married.
   I have prayed for miracles around here before, so I did that again. I have to admit, I didn’t think about the fact that He could work on the heart of a woman, too. I know, so much for all my wisdoms about trusting God and not putting Him in a box…
Last fall and early winter, Lance started planning these little outings with Amy and a couple of friends that included a lovely girl we didn’t know very well. We watched this with interest, because Lance does not want to take Amy and friend shopping just for anyhow, right?

   Well, it wasn’t just for anyhow after all. Pretty soon Lance had Francis calling from Nebraska saying, “Lance William, don’t you dare get that girl all interested in you and be that nice to her and then just drop her. You either stop this or get on with asking her. She is too nice a girl to just play around like this if you are not serious!” And other such instructions. Of course, I agreed with them.
Yes, we are enjoying this courtship. Kristine is the best thing that has ever happened to him. God did the miracle perfectly for both of them. She liked him and he was brave enough to ask her out. And let’s just say that she is broadening his horizons and he, hers.

They say there’s a wedding being planned for the 25th of July. It’s going to be a happy day for all of us. God Bless you, Lance and Kristine!

There, Ruthie S. is that what you wanted? That’s just my angle. You’ll have to ferret the rest out of them, ok?

4 thoughts on “Dating Days”

  1. That sounds good to me too. 🙂 It's always interesting to hear different angles/tidbits of stories like this. The first picture is my favorite of them in this batch.


  2. Arla, this is a good story and I think your angle of thinking is mine too. Arla, somehow this reminded me of your diary that burned. I must of read some of it and I remember being so impressed, and then they burned. Tell us this story! Your mom


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