Monday Posting/Musings

 It’s almost summer again. Summer: bare feet, vacation days, biking on dusty lanes, swimming in the coolness of blue sparkling, sun-flecked water, weeding in the garden, toes dug down past the too-warm soil to the damp and cool beneath.
    It is the season for tailgate suppers in the woods beside the monster machines creaking and cooling down after running all day.  In the shade of the leftover trees or the mountainous ranks of popple, pine, and hardwood bolts we roast hot dogs over a tiny fire placed carefully on the denuded forest floor on the trail. It’s the place for those silly, cheap, folding lawn chairs to sit in a comfortable circle in the dust around the fire. Whippoorwills and frogs serenade us as darkness settles around us.
   Summer is the time for VBS and reunions. Which will we attend? It’s also the time for weddings. And the outdoor upkeep on buildings. And church camp-outs. Full weekends of social events. It’s the time for trade shows and festivals. Everyone wants to vacation at some point so we discuss who should work, when, so that vacations can be spread around to each and all in need. If we are not careful; we double book and have to rework the calendar, again.
   Summer is the shortest, most treasured season of all. I purpose to enjoy it as such.

 We have an old door from Grandpa Skrivseth’s house in our house. It swings between the entry and the rest of the house on hinges, no latch. It is not a pretty door, but pretty nostalgic for me. This spring we gave it a new coat of paint on the entry side and sanded and varnished it on the house side. The door knob and back panel thereof were black with age and use. Soda and lemon juice and a scrubbing did wonders. There was brass and nickel under all that black stuff.


These miniature fields of flowers are growing in the lawn grasses. Have I been so blind all these years? How many other worship opportunities have I missed…do I miss every day? The flowers are about a half inch long on three or four inch stems. Some kind of pansy or violet, I suppose. I was waiting for Elv to pick me up to go to Lance’s to supper with his fiancé’s parents when I found them. Waiting for anything last week was our only space for quiet. I tried not to waste it by being bored or impatient. It’s good to sit quietly before a seemingly empty landscape with intention. The more you look the more you will see. Try it sometime by the lake or in the doctor’s office. You won’t be bored.


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