Summer Work/Adventure

   Suddenly we are plunged into a new summer schedule. Last time, back in 2011 or was it 12, it didn’t pan out so great. We hope this time it works better.
   Elv and Lance will be logging over in Minnesota. They’re taking a travel trailer with plans to live on the job and mostly work and sleep now and then, for the first four or five days of every week and then come home for the weekend. Please withhold judgment about the wisdom of this. Primarily because employees usually end up doing what they’re asked to do. And secondarily because I have to withhold mine even though this directly affects me, too. So if I can stand it; so can you.
   Lance said we can choose to make this next eight weeks a pain or a party. It’s up to each of us. We’ll all get a chance to choose, no doubt.
    The sky is weeping again today to fit my mood. We’ve been working all morning at making the RV livable again, packing clothes and kitchen stuff. It feels a little sad to know we are to be living separate more days per week than not. Oh I know, truckers wives do it all the time. For once I am not devastated about it either.
   I’d better not be, Elv is really looking forward to this stint of logging. It’s red pine plantation…should be straightforward work to get a lot done, maybe a few big checks. It does feel a little “off” to my heart, though.
    There are no fires in the stoves today because we’re all running in and out anyway so there’s no point in them. Dampness pours in through the open door, and the chill settles in. It fits.
    And one more whine. That tooth that I had filled the other week without Novocaine is now throbbing to beat the band. So I have to go traipsing back in to the dentist and have him do a root canal after all. People like me don’t get by with ignoring these things if they want to keep a much treasured prosthesis in great shape. This nagging worry fits my day, too.
   There that’s enough complaining. I have plenty to be thankful for today, too. My coffee is from fresh ground beans. The bouquet here by my computer is of forget-me-not that comes up volunteer every year at the foot of huge, old oak tree in our yard. Spring flowers are blooming beautifully everywhere. The trees are leafing out already.
   I’m feeling cared for by a good man and our children. Not especially since we just had Mother’s Day, either. Although it’s fun to get gifts and notes, I admit. It’s just that my family is great at letting me know all the year and I’m glad.
   A packet of flower seeds came from Jungs today in the mail. Larkspur, Cosmos, Zinnia, and Bachelor Buttons. I am envisioning long rows of flowers blooming in all colors under the summer sun. I have a dream to cut arm loads of them for bouquets for a rehearsal dinner the 24th of July. Miracle Grow, a lot of weeding and tilling, TLC, prayer, and the Lord willing, ought to make my dream come true.
   I read a George MacDonald book this week. It wasn’t a bit of what I expected! Michael R. Phillips used up the first 20 pages of the book quoting C.S. Lewis’ recommendation of MacDonald besides his own vouching for the same. So I was all geared for a carefully wrought Christian fiction story in old English, philosophical and boring. Instead, I found mystery, murder, love and hate, ugly and the beautiful, intrigue, ghosts, castles, villain and hero, sin and salvation, and human nature as real as life all in one short novel. I read the whole thing on Monday, cozy by the fire. Rain and cold outside only served to complete my satisfaction. My education is supposedly furthered as a reader/writer. Could be. I forgot to watch his craft for enjoying his story. That’s a good sign in his favor, isn’t it? Perhaps once I’ve read a few more  of MacDonald’s books; I’ll begin to notice. 
   Keep calm; and carry on.

1 thought on “Summer Work/Adventure”

  1. You're funny. I never even thought to pass judgement on your men's work schedules. I have to adjust to summer schedule every summer too. Today I fought with yard and garden Dino's. Some days it's just a man's world. Those flowers will soften our perspective when they start to bloom! We carry on! I did get my garden tilled all by myself though!!!!!! With Zerrick to help of course.


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