Snowless Winter?

    The grass is greening up. Yes, we are in December. Headed into the weekend that we usually have us a delightful blizzard or at least a snowstorm here in Wisconsin. Not this year.  We’re disappointed.
    We’re disappointed in more than one way. Green Christmases in Wisconsin are not actually unheard of, but they’re rare and it feels odd and incomplete as far as the Christmas season goes. Everybody knows that the perfect Christmas is to have snow and cold: skating, sledding, mittens and scarves, and hot chocolate by the wood stove fire.
    Secondly, it changes our scene as the northern tourist/playground for snowmobiling and skiing. It affects our town of Hayward economy.  We’ll have to be creative instead with our weekend recreation.
   Loggers are fighting mud in December this year. Some of them are not logging for now. That’s tough, too, on incomes.  There will be some complaining about this.
   Regardless, Jesus DID in fact come as our Savior. Nothing about that has changed and never will. We should still be able to choose joy. Excitement at Christmas time and all it holds should not be different than any other year. Praise Him.
    If the weather makes it or breaks it for me about Christmas; I possibly need a year like this to ponder the true meaning.

2 thoughts on “Snowless Winter?”

  1. Yes, I am disappointed too, but my husband thinks it's very nice not to deal with white stuff when building houses. I'll try to be happy with him for that. 🙂


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