Rain, D3, And Simply Pretty For Christmas

 Rain and clouds and no snow continues. Every day the sky is cloudy and grey.  Many of our customers are really quite pleased with no snow. I have assumed that people who live in Wisconsin or Minnesota enjoy winter best with snow. But I want snow.
    Along with cloudy days come the need for Vitamin D3. I especially need it this year, as does 90%  of our northern population.

So, we need sunshine or D. But another way to add cheer to a grey day is to make something pretty.  Our house has been cluttered up with a large lot of reclaimed oak T&G for over a week. We’re sanding and varnishing it with a water based clear coat and getting a lovely result. Brad took it all downstairs today. Now that room is cluttered but it’s closer to where it will become the study wall soon, we hope. So when I came home from work, the house was tidy and sparkling clean. Brad says he’s tired of housekeeping, but I don’t see why. He should be proud.
I was shopping at Walmart after work and noticed these cute little packs of washcloths right there beside the Yardley soap bars and bottles. Maybe this tendency to put things together/create pretty comes from my work, but I immediately “saw” what could be done with this small collection. Less then ten dollars and it’s beautiful, smells nice, and with the little sprig of red berries it’s Christmas decor, too.
By the way, Yardley soaps have been around since the 18th century. So I just added a bit of London class to my life. That makes me smile. 
Christmas decor around here this year is staying quite simple. Red berries and pine with white candles, and pine in white pitchers is about all I have so far. Simple is restful and quiet.
 Another thing that makes me smile is having sisters and a mom who understand my anxieties and joys.  Thanks all of you for listening and praying the last few days.

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