Ten Things to Know on Christmas Eve Day

    1. The birds are feeding all day after our snowfall of yesterday. Chickadees and nuthatches will empty a feeder in no time at all.
    2. I had Brad take the screen off the window so that my phone camera would stop picking up the screen. Now I can see the birds wonderfully sharp. One little chickadee has gotten into the habit of landing on the screen and today he keeps scratching the window in his failed attempt at landing. He looks back over his shoulder in surprise when he can’t anymore.
     3. I am disgusted with my phone camera. I simply cannot get a clear picture. Why didn’t I tell the family that all I wanted was a real camera for Christmas?
     4. It is not a good idea to watch birds and cook from-scratch pudding for pie at the same time. There went a whole lovely batch of whole milk,eggs, sugar and clear gel, right down the drain. Ooh, but it stank!
    5. If you wash and dry laundry for two days and don’t get around to folding it; you can have a big mountain of laundry right in the middle of your clean living room.  Then it doesn’t look clean anymore, even if you light candles.
    6. No matter how well you plan for travel over Christmas time a snow storm can change your plans whether you like it or not. Just ask all the folks who were trying to go anywhere yesterday.
    7. When you belong to a very small church; you better know how to be flexible and cancel services now and again and go elsewhere. Otherwise you could end up going to church with only two or ten other people and preach and teach Sunday school all by yourself for the two or ten of you.
    8. Nobody does this anymore but I’ve often thought it would be fun to walk to church on Christmas Eve through the falling snow to a candlelit service of the story read from Luke 2 and the carols of Christmas.
    9. We are richly blessed. We have warm houses, ranks of firewood outside the door, a blazing fire on the hearth, snow to make it truly winter, and plenty of pie and hot chocolate.
    10. Most of all we have Jesus who is our Savior and His Holy Spirit to comfort us.

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