Christmastime 2015

Family evening walk at Christmastime. Snow came in time for a lovely white Christmas.  This poor quality picture was taken with my phone. A small edit made kind of neat like a painting. There’s no mistaking the snow and the beloved forms of my family and the dog, though.


Francis and Josh carried Anne Hazel who was bundled so well she was hard to carry. Here they are shifting the load a little and taking turns.
The road is slick with bumpy ice.  The trees, every surface and twig is heaped with snow, frozen tightly in place. The children say it is like walking in Narnia. 

  Morning with snow falling outside. Candlelight and coffee inside while the rest of the household slept in.
   All the rage these days are coloring books and pencil colors. Amy brought us coloring books from Thailand. So we’ve been coloring. How silly is that? I want to have the same detailed style done in scripture verses. Anybody?

Anne Hazel is the belle of the ball these days around here since she is the only baby here. She’s seven months old and a delight to us all. The whole family got together when Lisl was here this fall so we didn’t for Christmas. We have Josh’s only at our house. We’re enjoying this way. It’s fun to have the whole family together, too. But for them to take turns is just as nice.

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