The Last of 2015

2015 is ending with new snow every few days and happy times with family. We’ve been spending our vacation days at home playing with the baby, drinking Frank’s lovely lattes, playing games, reading, keeping the fires going, coloring, looking at our awesome winterscapes outdoors and blogging. It has been great. Elv and Amy are working some days. Brad is splitting and stacking firewood some of the time. Last night Elv and Brad installed a new log to replace a basement jack downstairs as the official beginning of our bedroom remodel. This is rather exciting for us.
 As 2015 closes I keep thinking about the blessed times we had with extended family this year. Looking back it feels as though we were given this year to collect encouragement and affirmation from our own kith and kin in ways that we particularly needed at this time. My faith got a real boost from these meetings. God is a faithful Father!

Amy turned twenty on the 21st. We had a little party for her on Saturday evening at six. The girls came with gifts and smiles for her. At first it felt a little formal like all special parties do. But eventually everyone relaxed and had a great time.
Amy came home from Thailand a few days before her birthday. We missed her tremendously, but we don’t want her to miss out on any of the adventures that God has lined up for her in this next year. So we are determined to enjoy our friendship and mom/daughter times to the full now as much as possible.

These new coloring books sit on the coffee table and we color and visit a lot these days. Even Brad has been trying his hand at the intricate details.
At first I felt a little silly just sitting here wasting time with something so elementary. But it is a great way to be creative and visit at the same time. Rest is not wasting time. Our Christmas vacation has been perfection, again.
Yes, it’s been good. Everyone should be ready to hit the new year running and exuberant with new ideas.

2 thoughts on “The Last of 2015”

  1. Our family has been coloring in the adult coloring books! Fun times. Have you tried the 1000 dot to dot books? I got some at CBD and one was gotten at Barnes and Nobles. we have been enjoying those too. D Histand


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